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I feel like a lot of others have this but I get super anxious when I have to talk to people in a professional/formal setting. Whether I’m talking to people in front of a crowd (in which I will be doing in the next 2 weeks) or getting an interview done, I get super anxious. My speech slurs slightly, I get moderately sweaty and shaky, and my thoughts are somewhat clouded.

The twist is that I go through this on a weekly basis. I have an executive board position for a student ran agency here at my university which requires me to do these things.

Can someone help or give me tips on how to overcome this super anxious feeling?

I like to rehearse whenever I have time alone before the event. It’ll feel weird and awkward at first, but imo taking any opportunity to talk to yourself (alone, lol) helps practice fluid speech when you finally have to present. c:

Also posture! If you have a wide, steady stance with your shoulders pushed back and your head held over the audience, you’ll not only breathe better, but you’ll feel more powerful and in control of yourself. Use hand gestures in a meaningful way to emphasize points rather than to alleviate nervousness through fidgeting.



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